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Dr. Michael Maier

Maier, founder and CEO of the German company Blogform Publishing, was the Shorenstein Center’s Sagan Fellow in spring 2007 at the Shorenstein Center for the Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University. The Austrian-born journalist worked as editor for Die Presse, a Vienna daily, for Berliner Zeitung, Stern magazine and Netzeitung, Germany’s first newspaper exclusively published on the internet. Maier also worked as a columnist for the Austrian daily, Der Standard, and is a regular lecturer at the journalism schools in Vienna. He graduated from Graz University with a degree in law and music.

He is founder and publisher of the German business website Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten

He is the author of the book “The first days of the future. How we can make the world a better place using the Internet (Pendo Publishing Munich/Zurich, 2008).

At the Shorenstein Center he published the discussion paper “Journalism without Journalists: Vision or Caricature?”

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