German manufacturers see Euro project in jeopardy

The Association of German manufacturers supports the European policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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The Association of German manufacturers supports the European policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel. In a statment the associatlion concludes: “Europe and the euro are in crisis. The great European project is in jeopardy. Crucial for a solution and the best possible representation of our interests is now presenting a united Germany to the outside. All the more so because Germany is more and more pressure. We know that the Chancellor that task responsibly and are willing to support them.

It is also clear that political concessions must be made to achieve the major strategic goals. Here, the Chancellor be able to act, take a clear, hard line or make compromises, without any step that will be discussed fragmented and talked.

We focus on the future of the euro. This requires that the common strategic objectives there is agreement: In the medium term to stabilize the banking sector in Europe, and all EU Member States must be able to perform their duties without financial support from third-party principle. Permanent transfers inhibit the performance of all, both the currently weak or strong as the countries. In the case of ESM, we must therefore do everything that is not structural deficits are financed in the long run. Here be undertaken by the Commission where appropriate, with German support, clear positioning. It is also clear: If Greece is not structurally salvageable and can not keep agreements, or wants, it must leave the single currency area. The principle of consistency of action and sticking should not be broken permanently, neither of the euro member countries nor by the banks and investors.

The VDMA is in the name of its Executive Committee and Board of the Restricted behind the Chancellor. We trust that they best represent the interests of Germany. “


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